Allied Consortium

Allied Consortium is one of the oldest megacorporations in existence. At one time, long ago, Allied Consortium provided the bulk of the hardware to The Alliance as well as to any worlds, governments and factions willing to pay for their products. For millennia they were able to maintain their status as being among the most powerful and influential forces in known space.

This changed with the generation of the The Alliance Combat Manufacturing Corps. The ACMC, made it possible for The Alliance to operate completely independently from any particular faction or influence. With the loss of their largest client, Allied Consortium attempted to shift their focus towards their other customers. Unfortunately, given the manner that the ACMC operates and their ironclad contracts and agreements, Allied Consortium lost most of their best technology to ACMC.

Unable to provide their potential clients and customers with their latest technologies and the rise of younger, more specialized corporations, Allied Consortium has been forced to cut back and downsize their operations. The result of this was the near complete abandonment of mecha development.

Currently, Allied Consortium provides medium and high-end body armor, power armor, small arms as well as conventional low-end military hardware such as tanks.

Notable Products

AC-65 “Striker”
AC-500 “Sniper”

Body Armor

Power Armor

Small Arms

AC-88 Assault Rifle
AC-44 Assault Pistol
AC-2 Gatling Rifle

Other Vehicles

Allied Consortium

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